Makeup Artistry, StyleItSocial, and Kid Stuff!

Hey Everyone! I have moved to WordPress from Blogger. I just like the layout a little better and it’s a little more user friendly for this non-computer savvy girl!

I wanted to update you on a few projects I am involved in.

It’s the beginning of April and we are starting into the full swing of Wedding season! I have a calendar full of bridal run throughs as May creeps up.  The biggest thing I have noticed about this year is more bookings which is thanks to my sister-in-law Sam for creating a beautiful website for me, my friend Joe for all his wonderful referrals and brides in wanting to look their best on their very special day. My best advice for brides getting married in 2013 is to book in advance, like 12 months in advance. So many people have called last-minute and have missed out. I feel so bad because I would love to help everyone and have to turn them away (insert sad face here.) All of my friends have been booked up to so it makes it hard to even refer them to someone else. I look forward to booking 2013 weddings and I want to say thanks to everyone who supports me!

On another note, for those of you that don’t know I work for Mal Pearson Productions full-time and we just launched Mal’s innovative StyleItSocial iPhone/iPad app! This has been quite a journey for the MP staff putting Mal’s vision and “baby” together. Mal just sent it out to the world on April 3rd. One more special note about the app, I am a Makeup Stylist on the app!!! How cool is that! You have the option to hire real professionals in their field! I think that is really amazing. It is so easy and accessible for everyone. I encourage you to download this app and share your style with all of us!


Now for some Mommy time! My husband and I just recently decided that this year we will be sending our son to Kindergarten! This is very exciting! We weren’t sure a few months ago that he was mature enough and his development over the last few months blew us away! His behavior has improved tremendously. A new journey will begin in August with both of our kiddos in school! I look forward to this! I know this is a huge debate for parents on whether to send or “red shirt”, I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. While I feel like every parent knows their kids best and their decision is their own, it is good to hear thoughts on this subject. Keep in mind this is a positive place of support. All of negativity can be kept to yourself. Thanks!


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