Our New Pup!

Here is a look at our newest family member Bud! We just love him!!

Going through puppy potty training right now has been a little easier with this dog compared to our cocker spaniel.

We have no idea how big he is going to be since he is mixed with so many breeds of dogs. Our luck he will be huge!





Concealer Freak

I just wanted to give a quick product shout out to Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. It is the concealer of my dreams! IT TOOK A FEW YEARS OFF MY EYES! Not kidding! It brightens, gives great coverage, and stays put all day. It is now a permanent staple in my beauty bag.

You cam find it anywhere Tarte is sold like, Ulta, Sephora,
Tarte, and QVC.



Beauty Bag