Cat Eyeliner Tutorial

How to do a winged out eyeliner look or, the cat eye liner look.


Snow Days


Like most of the Midwest region right now we are snowed in! Thanks to snow storm Q we have been coated with a blanket of white.

School has been cancelled for two days!

I really do appreciate and treasure days like this because they are rare! It gives us time to bond and catch up since I do work full time and run a business on the side. I look forward to days like this. We can’t go anywhere so we have to be around each other. We get to recharge and build upon our relationships.

Here are some activities you can enjoy if you are snowed in:

1. Play card games. We have been playing a lot of War and Go Fish.

2. Play board games.

3. Craft activities

4. Cooking lessons

5. Or just some good ol’ fashion sledding and snow play outside!


Enjoy days like this! Use the time wisely and creatively!

Enjoy your snow day!!


How to Cover and Brighten Under Eyes

        Image Image Image

       Image  Image  Image



Step One: Draw a “V” with your favorite brightner

Step two : Pat it in and blend with foundation

Step three: Apply your concealer on top. Remember to pat it in with your finger or use your favorite concealer brush.

Step four: Really push the concealer into the inner corners to cut out the darkness in there.

Step five: Even out skin tone on lids with an eye shadow primer with coverage! Coverage is key. You want to cut redness!

Picture six: a comparison of one eye done and another not. Big difference!!

Products used:


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full-Coverage Foundation in Medium

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concelaer in light medium

Lancôme Retouche Teinte #2


Best of luck to you!!


PS, these pics have no filter!