Changing 30’s

Hey there! Tonight I am writing as I reflect on some very significant changes I have made in the past few weeks. I recently changed jobs, went vegan (you can read about that in my last post), decided to get healthy again and started working out on a regular basis, and I am pretty much a full on holistic hippie! That’s a lot if change going on. It has meant I must clean out the negative energy that surrounds me. This includes people. It is super hard to do but, it is a must if you want to live a positive life. We have to surround ourselves with people that have goals and stream sunlight and positivity! I have to say so far my mind is so clear and so focused for the first time in almost two years. I feel balanced and at peace. If this my 30’s I welcome my 40’s.


Went Vegan

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged! It has been a crazy 4 weeks!

A little over 4 weeks ago I went vegan! It has been an incredible journey! I am also completely gluten free so that has made it a little more challenging. Here is a snap shot of what I have been eating. I will post more soon but, wanted to update you!