2013 Wrap Up

As the year winds down, I thought it would be a good idea to review this wonderful year. It’s been amazing to my family and I!

1. I finally went to working for myself! This was a big scary step but, it was the best step I have ever made! It has made my home/work life balance incredible and easy to manage. I have made more $ than I have ever working for anyone else and I am doing what I love most MAKEUP! Getting to share my passion with the world is so amazing.

2. Thanks to #1, I am able to spend a lot more time with my kids. The biggest difference I have seen is in my daughter. She has constantly struggled with focusing on school work and getting things done. This year has been a total turn around. She loves school, her grades are better, and she has an improved attitude. My son is good at the school part but, has some issues with listening and those have dramatically improved as well. Overall, being with them most of the time has been a blessing.

3. I turned 33! While most would not like this idea of getting older, I find it to be a blessing that I was given another year on this earth with my friends and family. So far, the thirties have been incredible and I would not go back to my twenties! I feel like I have found my personal style, know who I am and what I want to do with my life and the rest is just enjoying the journey. The best part about finally accepting who you are is not caring what anyone else thinks about it!!

4. I went full on vegan. Yep, no animal by-products here! The hardest was not the eating part but, shoes! For me, initially, it was about eating plant-based for health and well being. Now, it has evolved into a complete non- animal cruelty crusade! I want all to be aware that whether it’s fashion, food, or fun that it can all be achieved without the expense of another life. Since going vegan, I have lost 20+ pounds, I have very few headaches, I rarely get sick, my skin is clearer, my hair is growing super fast, I have no brain fog, and believe it or not I have save a ton of money! Yep, going vegan saves me about $40 or more on a pair of shoes, definitely saves me money at the grocery store, and a lot times forces me to pack a lunch. Cheers to being a happy, healthy vegan!

5. I got to work on some incredible projects for work. I am incredibly grateful for all the work I had come my way this year. For every bride I had, commercial work, and events I got to be apart of this year would not have been the same with out all you!

6. We finally completed some home projects! Yay! I posted briefly about or home office remodel. It looks so incredible! My husband is such an amazing craftsman! The fact that he can bring to life my ideas and make them functionable is true talent.

7. Last but, not least, my husband! I am so thankful for him. Our relationship has really blossomed this year. We have been married 11 years and together 13 years in January. It’s not easy to be married you have to work at it every day. We have definitely had our issues but, this year we really made it a point to give 100% to our marriage. I think a lot of our issues were solved by #1 one again! I swear, by me finally being able to have a flexible schedule has solved a lot of the things we used to bicker about.

Well, that’s a really brief summary of my amazing 2013! I hope that 2014 brings just as many blessings! I truly look forward to starting new years but, I think in order for me to look forward I must be thankful for the past that has gotten me this far and over course the people in my life.

Cheers to 2014!
Luv, Ash




































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