Why I Stopped Following Fitspo Social Media

Hey there! Happy Tuesday!
This post is about my personal issue with women’s fitness inspiration sites and posts all over the internet. For awhile when I was really getting into fitness I thought it would be to my benefit to follow all of the “fitspo” “women of fitness” sites and Instagram pictures I could possibly manage. I thought wow if these women can do it so can I. A lot of them read, “this mom has 4 kids or 3 kids” or hell some probably say 20. But, this is probably not all true and was starting to make me feel bad about myself. Here I am a mother of two and wondering why I still have sagging skin on my tummy from just two pregnancies and they’ve had more than me and no sag. Sometimes I would even cry about it and get seriously depressed. Most of these posts are of people who don’t even have kids and are in their twenties or even their teens!! Yes teens when your metabolism is on super speed. Now, I am not saying that there aren’t any good fitspo sites out on the good ol’ world wide web. I have seen some truly amazing transformations and those people deserve a big pat on the back and a million or more likes for the commitments they have made. What I am saying is if it’s going to make you feel bad about yourself and your body image then don’t do it. Follow sites, pages, and profiles that are going to actually INSPIRE you. I encourage you to eat right and move your bodies but, don’t get so absorbed into these images that can sometimes lead to an eating disorder, depression and even worse. Just strive to be the healthiest version of you! Don’t let outside influence determine what that will look like. Only you can! So carry on with your bad self and even if you have sagging skin, muffin top, or a droopy booty as long as you feel good and are taking care of your body that’s all that matters. Let’s show our children what it’s like to have a positive body image and to take care of the bodies we are in!



3 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Following Fitspo Social Media

  1. Hi,
    I love your wordpress! This article you wrote really resonated with me-thank you for sharing this! I am writing a research paper on social media’s influence on current fitness culture (people’s fitness habits and their perception of “fit”) . In Summary, it includes how “fitspiration” began and why(obesity “epidemic”), why people are perpetuating it’s use/why it is continuing (marketing from the fitness industry), the effects on our culture, and what we should do to change things. I was wondering if I could use what you wrote as a testimonial in my paper(and cite you of course) to describe what people are experiencing? If not, I understand and I thank you for sharing this information anyway.


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