Big Announcement!!

Hi Everyone!!! Crown
I have a very big announcement!! I am going to be competing for Mrs. Nebraska 2015!!
I am so excited to be taking this journey and I want you all to follow me during all my ups and downs on the road to the competition on November 15, 2014.
I made this decision back in January but, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to announce it and how I would if I was going to. I thought this would be great for those of you that are interested in competing someday or are curious as to what all is involved. I also want to share with you how much work is put into competing in a pageant. It’s not all glam! I have been watching what I eat, I have been working out, and I have been studying pageantry. I am taking this very seriously.

So, here is what to expect from my pageant series:
1-2 posts a month about the pageant progress
You can follow me on my social media to keep up with what’s going on almost daily.
There will be dress shopping, workouts, big hair, makeup, spray tans, shoes, crowns, sashes, events, volunteer work, and sparkle!!

Instagram: @makeoverworld
Twitter: @Makeupgirl28
Mrs. Nebraska


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