Before and After Adult Acne

I recently revealed my personal before and after on social media of me using the Unblemish regimen from Rodan+Fields. I wanted to also put it here on my blog and tell you a little more of my story. I never … Continue reading

ZenMed Saved My Skin

About four weeks ago I started a new skincare routine with ZenMed products. ZenMed is like my holistic doc meets scientist! I have used their supplements for awhile now and thought it was time to change up my skincare. You can see my past routine in earlier posts.

ZenMed recommended a line of products for my skin that target aging, acne, and dryness. I know this seems like a strange combo but, if you are in your thirties you are probably experiencing similar issues.

Daytime Steps:

  1. Cleanse with Sensitive Facial Cleansing Gel. The botanical blend in this product smells amazing and doesn’t strip my skin. There are so many botanicals it would take forever to list them all but, here are a few: Sage, Yarrow, Balm Mint, Chamomile, Cucumber, etc.
  2. AHA/BHA Complex pH 3.5. This product is used to restore pH balance after cleansing and unblock pores. I also find this is making my skin look brighter and more youthful giving it a fantastic glow. This product is alcohol free!
  3. Oil Free Day Lotion. This product is for sensitive and troubled skin! Yes people these products do exist!! It doesn’t feel heavy under my makeup and makes my skin feel comfortable. It contains vitamins A, B5, and E!

Nighttime Steps:

1. Cleanse same as you would daytime.

2. Restore pH balance as you would for daytime.

3. About 2-3 times a week do this step: Renewing Serum pH 3.5. This product helps to remove dead skin to help bring out a healthy glow. Cellular turnover is key when using anti-aging products! Leave it on 5-10 minutes and then rinse off.

4. You can use your Oil-Free Day Lotion or I use a little organic argon oil to help heal and protect my skin over night.

That’s it!! That’s all I have been doing and my skin is completely clear!!

I have spent years with acne around my chin and now it’s gone folks!! These products are no joke and don’t cost millions of dollars. ZenMed has a customer for life!!




Acne Questions Answered

I get a lot of questions about acne. I can really relate because I have been battling it since my twenties. Thank you hormones!! Instead of just posting to my Facebook page and having to limit the number of characters I decided to blog about it. I wish that I had a cure. I really don’t think there is a cure and it’s weird how everyone seems to react/respond differently to treatments. Here are some tips for you to try and see if they can help you. I know that they definitely help me.

Heal from the inside out:

1. Put yummy healthy fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and oils in your diet. These will all help with your skin. The saying “You are what you eat” really does to apply to how we look on the outside not just in our waistline but on our skin too.

2. Avoid caffeine! I know this is a stinker! I have the hardest time with this one too. However; when I do limit my caffeine my skin really does look amazing.

3. Water. We really do need to drink the about of water they recommend. If you replace things you are drinking with water daily you will see a very healthy glow to your skin. Remember it’s 8, 8oz. glasses of water a day.

4. Try and cut out gluten. I recently found out I have an intolerance to gluten and I would never recommend going completely gluten free unless you asked your doctor because this is not a diet. Since, eliminating it in my diet I noticed a HUGE improvement in my skin.

Look at the ingredients in your cosmetics:

1. Make good choices in makeup and skincare. I am not saying you have to go out and buy really expensive makeup, I am saying choose products just like you would choose your food.

2. You want products that are dermatologist tested, won’t clog pores, no parabens, mica, titanium dioxide, dimethicone, and oil free. Why? These products are not good for you and can cause skin reactions. These are even in the most expensive makeup products. I would choose products that are vegan, gluten free, oil free, not tested on animals (personal choice, nothing to do with skin), and so on.

3. Basically, read up on ingredients and become informed of what you are putting on your skin.

Basic Skincare Tips:

1. NEVER forget to wash your face at night! Our skin heals over night so, it is important to get the most out of this time.

2. You don’t need a million different steps. Choose what works for you. If washing your face and putting on a serum works for you do that. Just make sure you are not stripping your skin of oils. If you do that you will end up producing more than normal.

3. Try some the baking soda mask once a week. I found this on Pinterest and swear by it. 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of water, make into a paste and apply to skin. Leave it on 5-10 minutes then rinse with warm water. It really brightens the skin! I even do it to the hubby and he likes it!

My Routine:


1. Remove makeup with either Burt’s Bee’s cleansing towelettes or Burt’s Bees Citrus Scrub. On eyes, I use a homemade witch hazel and organic olive oil. It’s about half of each in a bottle and shake before use.

2. Wash face with Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap

3. Tone with my homemade Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil. Make sure the witch hazel is alcohol free and add a few drops of tea tree oil.

4. Resist Intensive Wrinkle Repair Retinol Serum by Paula’s Choice. I freaking love this stuff and it’s not a million dollars to purchase.

5.  I use a pea size amount of raw shea butter, warm it up in my palms and apply to my face. This has been used for many years to cure all kinds of skin conditions. I can say for myself that it has cleared my skin!


1. I don’t cleanse again, If you are extremely oily you can. I like the Simple line cleanser. I got a free sample and really love it.

2. I use my homemade toner all over.

3. Serum, I like vitamin c serums for the antioxidants. I love Pangea Organics brand for these. I am currently out and missing them greatly.

4. Moisturizer, I like the A.H.A one from Mario Badescu. Then I just add SPF on top. I use nothing less than an SPF of 40+! I like Laura Mercier’s I have never broke out from it.


ZenMed supplements

Biotin vitamins


Basically, to sum it up, be aware of what you are putting in and on your body.

Links to products:

For Shea Terra Organics I got them from my Lookbag I get each month. You can order from