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My Makeup Kit (The Face)

My makeup kit is probably one of my most cherished items I own. It’s a collection of products I have tried and love and continue to use all the time. The items that make it into the kit are ones that I personally would use on myself. I have tried so many products it’s ridiculous and I am still experimenting!

Here is a look inside my makeup kit for a flawless healthy glow!


Primarily I will airbrush my clients and my favorite airbrush makeup to date is OCC Cosmetics. It feels weightless, is vegan, water based, and has an incredible staying power! The color system is easy to use as it goes by levels not names of colors and it’s categorized into yellow tones and red tones. Thank you OCC for making it easy!

For when I am not airbrushing, I still love Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme foundation. It is water based, oil-free, flawless coverage, you probably won’t even need to conceal after using it. It also is very cost friendly because one small tube lasts me over a year! Yes, that little tube packs a big punch! All you need is a dime sized amount to do the entire face and blend down onto the neck. It also has a little bit of a light reflecting property to give you subtle glow.

My budget friendly pick right now is the Revlon Photo Ready makeup. It’s a dupe of Makeup4Ever’s HD makeup. They have a nice color range and it films really well.

Now, for most days I wear my good ol’ Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. In the summer I am in the oil-free version and winter I like the illuminating. The colors I keep on hand are Nude, Sand, and Bisque and Warm and Natural in the illuminating.


I love my Laura Mercier Secret Camoflauge for myself but, sometimes I find that I don’t have enough colors to work with so I also use my BH Cosmetics concealer palette. I think it’s great for contouring and cream cheek color as well. The colors are in a great variety and it works well with airbrush makeup.


I love my Laura Mercier Shimmer Blocks in Peach Mosaic and Golden Mosaic. I also love Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks. These are so beautiful on top of cheek bones and great as eyeshadows. Remember a little goes a long way! Too much sheen can look gray and ash.


My favorite category! I have used Laura Mercier’s Warm Bronze Mineral Powder as a bronzer for years. It has the perfect glow and color for most warm skin tones. I also love Nars Laguna, this works on everyone and it’s not too warm. Otherwise, I will use the BH Cosmetics concealer palette to contour and bronze.

Cheek Color

My first love in cheek color is the infamous Nars Orgasm. However, I have found a new love in Laura Mercier’s Sweet Mandarin mixed with Lush Nectarine. Best combo I have found so far! Other cheek colors I love is Natural by Trish McEvoy and Jolie ( I hope she still makes them).


This is constantly updating and I will keep posting updates as it changes!


PS, I only use HD powder for setting clients because I know it won’t alter the makeup underneath.

More Bridal Makeup Tips


We are in the busiest part of bridal season!!

I have posted some bridal makeup tips in an earlier post but, got to thinking about some things that I have come across this season and wanted to share them with you all.

1. Just because it’s a trend this year doesn’t mean you will look back on your photos ten years from now and love it. So, if you are thinking of doing something trendy with your makeup think about how you will feel about it a few years from now. Remember that when you are planning your special bridal look that you want to look back on it and still feel great about how you looked on your wedding day.

2. If you are hiring a professional makeup artist keep a few things in mind. They are professionals and know what they are doing. They are not plastic surgeons. Be completely upfront with them about what you want and show them a picture of what you look like most of the time. This will help them create a look that is more special for your wedding day than your normal makeup look. If you are not liking something be honest, they need your criticism to make sure that they create your ideal look.

3. Yes, I do recommend that you wear false lashes unless you have insanely long and full lashes on their own. It just opens up the eyes and makes them look brighter. Plus, it looks great in photos.

4. If you are getting a spray tan do it at least 2 days before your wedding.

5. Drink lots and lots of water. This helps your skin look fresh, hydrated, and clear.

6. Remember that your makeup will only look as good as the skin underneath. A few months before or even a year before the wedding, hire a professional to help with skin. They can get you on the right track with facials and recommend appropriate skincare that will insure that your skin is wedding day ready.

7. Get physical! Yes, work out! This will also help the body release toxins and make your skin look so much better. Plus, a balanced diet full of anti-inflammatory foods will make your skin look and feel great.

8. Just be you! It’s really easy to get caught up in how you think you should look based on magazines and TV. All in all, just be you but, a little more glammed up than normal. It’s a special day and you want to look special but, not unlike you completely.

The best part about being a makeup artist is getting be apart bride’s special day!

Bridal Makeup Tips



Hello! I hope all of you had a wonderful week!

I wanted to write a post about bridal makeup because we are in the beginning of wedding season and it’s my busiest time of year. If you are a bride on a budget and cannot hire a makeup artist I wanted to give you some tips on how to look flawless on your wedding day and products that can help you do achieve that. For the list of products see the bottom of post.

1.Flawless Foundation and Powder

Remember that HD cameras can show a lot more than they used to. Makeup that is HD ready is very important. Things like foundation and setting powder that say they are HD will help filter out imperfections that a HD camera can pick up. I love my Makeup Forever HD setting powder and E.L.F HD undereye setting powder. I use them to set airbrush foundation on my brides and undereye concealer. If you are not using airbrush makeup, you can use any fuller coverage foundation just make sure it has NO SUNSCREEN!! Sunscreen is made to reflect sun rays off so any flash from a camera is going bounce off too and make you look white. A foundation that I will use if not doing airbrush would be Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme Foundation. It has amazing coverage and usually you don’t need face concealer after applying it.

2. Take up a Notch

Say you want a “natural look”, you still have to take your makeup up about 3 times what you would normally apply so that it looks “natural” on camera. Otherwise, it won’t even show up. Plus, you want those guests sitting way in the back to be able to see your pretty face! More makeup makes that a lot easier. So, even if you feel like it’s too much makeup in person for your normal look it will look better on camera. So, pile on that blush and eye makeup! I also always recommend false eyelashes. They look amazing in pictures!

3. Colors to Avoid

There are a few rules when picking out your colors for wedding makeup. Try to not do only browns for your eyeshadow, they can film kind of muddy so, by adding some neutral plums and warm pinks it softens the makeup. For cheek color, you want that peachy pink cheek. It looks amazing in pictures and you will get that “blushing bride” glow.

4. Keep it Matte

Matte makeup looks really soft and pretty. Adding too much gleam or shimmer can makeup you look shiny or greasy and no one wants that. Plus, it will wear a little better. Put a little highlight on top of the cheek bones and under the eyebrow but, other than that just keep it soft and matte. If you are unsure it your makeup is matte just look at it and see if it has any light reflective properties like mica. A little is fine, if it’s layer on top of layer that can give you that “white face” look too on film.

5. Don’t Be So Dramatic

If your wedding theme is drama then it’s okay to wear dark gothic eyes and red lips or if that’s your signature style. God only knows I love dramatic eyes and hot lips! That’s fun makeup to apply! However, for a wedding it can be a bit much if your wedding is on a Saturday afternoon outside. Play up on either eyes or lips because this will create a balance. If you want to wear a beautiful red lip then wear a softer eye with winged out black liquid liner. This is a classic look that is one of my favorites on brides. If you love your eyes and that’s your focus you can do a dramatic eye and a softer more neutral lip. Just make sure there is color on the lips because the flesh colors makeup you look like you have no lips on camera.

I hope that this post is helpful to all you beautiful brides-to-be! Congrats on your upcoming weddings! It is such a great experience for me as a makeup artist to help get to be apart of such a special time in a couples life. Remember that pictures are what you are going to have to help remind you of your special day and that is why makeup is so important. You want to have amazing pictures and makeup can definitely ruin them. Below is a list of products that I absolutely love for brides. Feel free to ask me questions too if you need a little more guidance than this short post.


Foundation: Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Powder: MakeUPForever HD Setting Powder and E.L.F Cosmetics HD Undereye Setting Powder.


Bronzer/Contour: Nars Laguna

Cheeks: Sweet Mandarin by Laura Mercier or Trish McEvoy Natural Cheek Color

Eyes: Chocolate Guanache by Napoleon Perdis, Black Plum by Laura Mercier, Rocked by Concrete Minerals, Troublemaker by Concrete Minerals, Sable by Laura Mercier, Topaz by Laura Mercier, Baroque by Laura Mercier. Those a some of them! I have too many that I can’t remember but, it’s a good guide on the colors I like to use.

Lips: I have too many to name because I am always looking for the next perfect lipcolor. Right now, I like using L’Oreal’s Infalliable lipsticks because they look creamy and not dry and wear a really long time. I like color number 423 for the natural lips or 814 for a darker natural lip. If you like pink I like 121 or 145. If you like coral try 479. For red I love Seduction by Laura Mercier for a orangy red or True Red by Laura Mercier.