2013 Wrap Up

As the year winds down, I thought it would be a good idea to review this wonderful year. It’s been amazing to my family and I! 1. I finally went to working for myself! This was a big scary step … Continue reading

Fall 2013 Beauty Must Haves

Fall is my favorite season for beauty!! A lot of lines really go all out to have the best fall launch and a successful 4th Quarter in sales.
I have a few things I am obsessed with right now that range from skincare to hair care.
My favorite cleanser right now is by Andalou Naturals. It is the clarifying cleanser for active/oily skin. It is so gentle that it doesn’t irritate my skin. I found this at Whole Foods.
I have searched high and low for a bb cream that doesn’t irritate my skin and found one by DERMAdoctor that I will continue to use as long as it’s made! Their DD Cream 15-Benefits-In-1 dermatologically defining bb cream broad spectrum SPF 30 is wonderful. After a week and a half of use my existing break outs were healed and I have no new break outs. My skin has a nice glow and it gives me just enough coverage. This product is available at Ulta.
To keep my fake summer glow through fall I have been using Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick in Bronze. It highlights and warms the skin at the same time to extend the sun kissed look well into winter. Note: my sunkissed look is completely achieved with sunless tanning lotions and bronzer! No sun here! I found this shimmer brick at Sephora.
My favorite mascara right now is Chanel Le Volume. I most generally use black but they have other shades available. The brush is genius. This is available at Dillard’s.
Since lightening my hair it is a little on the dry side on the ends so for a moisture boost I have been using Yarok Feed Your Ends. It is vegan, free of alcohol, free of parabens and free of sulfates. It doesn’t weigh down my hair and I think has made my waves more consistent. This product is available at ecodivabeauty.com
Last but not least, I found a beautiful matte eyeshadow palette by Sonia Kashuk for Target called Eye On Neutral 02. As a makeup artist it is always hard to find solid matte eyeshadow palettes and they are so important to have in my kit. The pigment is amazing and they blend so nicely. The shades are the perfect blend of browns to grays. Matte eyeshadow looks so much softer on camera than shimmer if you are having any kind of photography done, this is a must have palette for your collection. Plus, it was only $20 for 12 professional grade shadows! This is available at Target.

That’s my favorite products right now! This is always subject to change since beauty updates faster than technology!



New Hair Color

I needed to lighten my hair to better maintain my gray coming in and go a little longer in between color. I decided on a messy ombre. I completely love how it turned out!


The lipcolor I am wearing is Plum Orchid by Laura Mercier. My color if the season! I am obsessed with it!

Take A Break From Makeup and Hairstyling

I’m back!!
I have been away for such a long time!
A lot has changed since I last blogged. I recently took a leap and decided to be at home all the time and run my makeup business from home. I have at least always worked part time so, this is a big transition for me and my family. It will give me lots of material to write about.
The reason I am writing today is because I have taken a break from putting makeup on myself and styling my own hair for over a week. It’s been an interesting and liberating journey that I thought you all might want to try.
The first few days without makeup were hard. After so many years of wearing it you start to believe “the lie” which is what you look like with makeup on. So, I had to start accepting what I look like without it. Then I started to get used to it and see perfection over imperfection. It has allowed my skin to breathe and detox. I have had some breakout I am sure it is just part of the detox. Other than that, I have saved a ton of product. That is a bonus since my budget has completely changed.
My hair has been the most interesting. I haven’t styled it for probably a week and half or even longer. I have just washed it and let it air dry. Now in this time it has become less frizzy, thicker, and softer. I am totally not kidding! I will not be blow drying my hair again for a really long time!
If you have the time to do this I recommend taking a break from makeup and heat styling your hair. It will be really good for your skin and hair and good for your self esteem.