My Personal Get Fit Challenge to Myself


Hey all!

I wanted to write something about my challenge to get fit before summer. I recently got a complimentary Cool Sculpting treatment from a wonderful med spa here in Omaha called Devenu Medical Rejuvenation Spa and it has really motivated me to start focusing on my health goals. I am currently writing a separate piece on the Cool Sculping. As a mom, I come across a few challenges like my schedule, yummy kids foods in the house, and just being tired all the time. I know that some of you can relate so my goal is to get this all figured out and make this plan stick and reach my fitness goals. Here is what I have come up with.

1. Make the time!

As tired as I may be in the morning, I HAVE to get my booty out of bed and do some cardio and strength training. My plan varies all the time but at the end of this post I will list some fitness plans I love along with some inspiring fitness gurus that are helping me along the way. If I don’t work out in the a.m., I know I will not get it done in the evening because when I get home I get busy with dinner, helping kids with homework, baths, catching up on personal emails, making lunches for the next day, and the list goes on and on. Basically, I have to get my butt out of bed or my workouts are not happening.

2. Watch what I am eating!

This fall I discovered I was gluten intolerant (not celiac) and I gained from switching my foods to GF. Why? Most gluten free foods have a lot of calories and are highly processed. This is a real bummer! So, my plan has turned into eating REAL food like meats, veggies, fruits and nuts.  My goal is to stay away from processed foods and sugar! The sugar part is a real bummer but, it’s not good on the waist line. Pinterest is really helping find yummy GF, Paleo type recipes to make this really easy for me. Also, this is a great time to teach my kids about healthy eating and cooking healthy. My journey to find healthy snacks for my kids is getting easier and easier and  a lot of the time they enjoy the healthy snacks over the highly processed, sugary ones.

3. Stick to the plan!

It is really easy for me to write a plan because I know what to do and how to eat and how to work out. The challenge for me is to stay committed. I go really strong for about two weeks and then I fall right off of track. I made a visual goal board with everything I want to achieve and it really has been working. If I miss a workout or eat something bad I am also not going to freak out about it! That will through me off track too.


Tone It Up girls Katrina and Karena on YouTube. They are my fitness heroes! I love their workouts and they have wonderful tips.

Self Magazine. I love this magazine! I think they have great tips and are realistic.

Lean Secrets on YouTube. Brenda is a fitness expert that believes if you eat wholesome foods and cut out some things you don’t need to count calories. Who has time to count calories? I know I don’t. Her workouts are great too!

Jillian Michaels. Her DVD series is great and if I don’t have a lot of time to work out I put in a DVD.

Pinterest. Believe it or not it is helping get healthy! I invite you to follow my boards!

Here is my typical day:


6:00-wake up and do 45-60 minute workout

7:00-shower, get ready for work, pack back packs, etc.

7:30-get kids up and ready for school

8:00-out the door for work and school

8:30-5:00pm-at work


5:45-at home get dinner ready and help kids with homework

6:30-eat and talk about everyone’s day

7:00-start packing lunches for the next day

7:30-clean up time, dishes, laundry, pick up messes, etc.

8:00-bath time for the kids

8:30-kids off to bed (this usually is a rough time it takes about an 30 minutes)

9:00-watch a little TV and get caught up on emails, social media and maybe write

10:00-I like to be off to sleep by this point

That’s my typical day! Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned but, I don’t get to bent out of shape about it. I just move onto the next day. I believe in being organized but, I also believe in living my life and being happy.

I would love your feedback on this post! Any tips or tricks you have I would love to know!



What To Do On A Rainy Day, 10 Ideas


This blog entry is a full of parenting tips or boredom tips for adults too!

A few hours ago my little boy, Aiden, came up to me and told me he was bored. He is 4 and gets a little stir crazy when playing outside is not an option. Hoping that his boredom does not bring out The Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 and Thing 2 to make our house look a mess, I came up with a list of activities we could do inside. I allowed him to pick them in any order he wanted and we would do them until he wanted to move onto the next project. Now, these are not unfamiliar ideas to anyone, I am just listing them for you to use as a tool or list.


  1. Make your own crayons. Just melt down some old, small, broken, crayons in either the microwave or oven. I throw ours in the muffin tin and place them into the oven until they melt. I let them set up in the fridge and pop them out when they are solid and let the kids color with them.
  2. Use those newly made crayons to color in coloring books or make their own creations on paper.
  3. Give your pet a bath. More than likely, your pet is going to get muddy on a rainy day so, why not teach some responsibility to your children by helping care for your pet. Sometimes, I think they forget how much is involved for caring for pets.
  4. Bake some yummies with them! Kids love to help out in the kitchen and it’s a good lesson on what goes into food. Plus, it makes the house smell really amazing while your all stuck indoors. It is fun to watch the rain while enjoying your treats.
  5. Use the current weather as an opportunity to teach kids about severe weather situations and what to do in case of an emergency. I have two friends that work for the American Red Cross and thanks to them they posted a video about how to prepare and what to put in your emergency kits. This was a great lesson for us as parents and the kids. Remind your kids of your family plan in case of an emergency.
  6. Cuddle up with your family and watch a family movie
  7. Do some creative art projects
  8. Gardening lesson, teach them why we need rain to help our baby seedlings grow to produce our vegetables and fruit.
  9. Give them an empty large box and allow them to use their imagination to create whatever they want to out of it. The boxes are always a hit with the kids. I hardly ever throw boxes away.
  10. Read some books together. It is always nice to cuddle up and tell stories!

I hope this helps with your little ones on rainy days! Below I will post the link to the video my friends put up for The American Red Cross for you to get prepared in case of an emergency. Thanks for reading!