Fitness/Health Update!


I am very excited to report that I have lost 10 pounds! Ten lbs!! I am really excited with this progress! Before I get too excited I still need to lose another 10.

How am I doing it you ask?

Well, I have been running a lot! Atleast 3-5 miles daily and then lifting weights. I have also been doing the Beach Babe DVD by the Tone It Up girls. I ordered it a few weeks ago and I am really enjoying! I don’t really have a set day of what I am going to do for a workout I just go with whatever I feel like doing more. It seems to be working better for me and keeping me from getting bored.

Most importantly it’s been my diet. I have been doing protein shakes with the Perfect Protein powder by the Tone It Up girls atleast once or twice a day. By the way, this protein powder is really good!!  I will make a smoothie in the morning or at night for dinner. I have been eating more clean and my calories have been right where they need to be. 70% of your success is diet so, that is what I keep telling myself when I want to eat that cheeseburger or pizza.

I am feeling really great about this! I will keep you updated as I get closer to my goal.

Feel free to ask me any questions or if you need help staying motivated I would be happy to be your biggest cheerleader! Leave a comment below!