Vegan Makeup Find: HAUT Cosmetics

Calling all animal and makeup lovers! I have found some wonderful vegan makeup that you are sure to enjoy and not feel guilty about wearing.

HAUT Cosmetics is based in Canada where they use locally-sourced ingredients that are then chilled and blended for ultra freshness!
I have been wanting to try them for months and now that I have I am hooked! I absolutely love the products I got and now can’t wait to order more stuff.

I started out with their HDD Cream customized for my unbalanced skin. I love that they custom blend from raw ingredients. I feel really good about putting it on my breakout prone skin.
I also got the Aloe Cream Tint in Martini. I used it on my brows and as an eyeliner. It would make a pretty cream eyeshadow as well. I can’t wait to order more of these tints because they wear really well. Also, the Aloe Cream Tint in He’s The One is so pretty on the cheeks and would make a pretty nude lip color. Their gloss is amazing as well! I must have all colors. Seen in the picture is called Love.

HAUT Cosmetics makes your online foundation shopping easy with an iConsultation iPhone App or by following the instructions on their website. That is how I found my match. I submitted my photo and they selected my shade. It was super easy!

2014-05-06 14.25.41

2014-05-05 14.45.49


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