Pageant Post: Finding a Platform Or Whatever That Means

Hey there!
I wanted to do a pageant post since I haven’t done one since announcing I was going to compete for the Mrs. Nebraska 2015 title.
A lot of people have been asking me, “What’s your platform?” I guess I really don’t know a lot about this. As you all know, I am not a serial pageant contestant. This is all very new to me. However, this must be important so I need a little help. I will start with why I am doing the pageant in the first place. This is very personal and important for all parents of daughters to read.

My daughter is a wonderful singer! She has a beautiful voice that I can hear every so often when she doesn’t think I am listening. But I am! I really enjoy hearing her sing to her favorite songs. I can imagine her face lighting up as she belts out but, she won’t let me actually watch her sing. I only pray that someday she will be brave and let people hear her. She loves to sing I know she does. Instead, she hides it away from us. I do know where she gets this fear from and it’s me. I have extreme stage fright! My fear of having people judge me is sometimes so crippling that I have a hard time even performing daily tasks and meeting new people. My shyness has probably prevented me from doing some really amazing things in my life. To see me pass this onto my daughter is incredibly heartbreaking. Which leads to why I am doing this pageant, to show my daughter that I can be brave enough to get on a stage and let a panel of judges literally judge me on my look, my interview, and what I look like in a swimsuit. I must tell you all that I haven’t worn a swimsuit for many years! This is a huge deal! I am insanely frightened but, I am doing all that I can to prepare for this day. That’s all I can do. It’s up to them to determine who is the right person to represent Nebraska. This is what I want my daughter to see. That even though I am afraid I am still going to try. Even though I might not be their favorite, I am still going to try. So that maybe someday she will let someone hear her wonderful voice even though she is afraid.

Maybe that’s my platform I don’t know but, it’s why I am doing this. I believe that everyone needs to pursue their dreams even though they have fear. The world might miss out on something wonderful if we don’t conquer those personal obstacles that get in our way of doing great things we are passionate about.

In honor of my beautiful daughter, song your heart out girl!!
2014-05-05 16.29.20


4 thoughts on “Pageant Post: Finding a Platform Or Whatever That Means

  1. Find something that you are passionate about because it will help you stay excited about it thoughout all the questions you will have…but make sure that it isn’t alienating to the judges or supporters and it isn’t trend or a fad or makes you so emotional that you might say something that would come out not the way you intended.

    On a separate note, I know what a pretty voice you have as well and how much you hate being the center of attention on a stage. You will do great.

  2. Great post girl, I love that you are exampling pushing through your fears! We all have them!

    Let me know if there are dates that work best in June (I think u said) to visit & we’ll see if we can schedule it!

    U going to Dustin’s Sunday?

    • Thanks Bry! I definitely appreciate family support!

      June is crazy busy but, July is open. I meant to say July. I have no weddings then.

      We will be at Dustin’s on Sunday! Hopefully we will see you then!

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