2013 Wrap Up

As the year winds down, I thought it would be a good idea to review this wonderful year. It’s been amazing to my family and I! 1. I finally went to working for myself! This was a big scary step … Continue reading

New Hair Color

I needed to lighten my hair to better maintain my gray coming in and go a little longer in between color. I decided on a messy ombre. I completely love how it turned out!


The lipcolor I am wearing is Plum Orchid by Laura Mercier. My color if the season! I am obsessed with it!

Where Have I Been?

Oh my gosh I have been gone too long!!!
So sorry.
Wedding makeup season wi be wrapping up for me in a few weeks and commercial production has started to slow a little. I have a little more free time to update you all!
I got to work on lots of fun projects this year that I cannot wait to share with you all once they have launched!!
I had the most beautiful brides this year! Once their photos are available I cannot wait to share them with you all.
My kids started 4th and 1st grade and the year has started off great! Now that I spend more time at home I have noticed huge changes in their behavior at home and school and grades are way better. I am so thankful I work from home and only part time. It is truly a blessing.
I have lightened my hair!!! I did it myself too. I know scary but, I absolutely love it! So stay tuned for some upcoming product updates, tutorials, and portfolio updates! Oh and vegan updates!!!

Cool Sculpting



A little over a month ago I had a Cool Sculpting procedure done to slim my tummy area by the amazing staff at Devenu Medical Rejuvenation Center here in Omaha, NE. I cannot say enough good things about how wonderful this place is! Now that it’s been a little over a month I wanted to update you on how the process is going. I also want to explain this procedure a little more in-depth in case you are interested in trying this for yourself.

Cool Sculpting targets your fat cells alone. A process of targeted cooling kills the fat cells underneath the skin and freezes them to the point of elimination. This is completely non-invasive! You don’t have to go under the knife at all and you have no down time! Once the fat cells are crystalized, they die and are naturally eliminated out of the body. It’s almost to good to be true!

Well it is true! A month after having my tummy area done, I am already seeing my stomach get flatter. By no means was I way over weight. It didn’t matter how much I weighed I could never get rid of this area and it only got worse after having two large babies! I was considering a tummy tuck to get rid of it but, I was terrified of going under the knife. That’s how much I loathed this area! I would give anything to have a pair of jeans fit comfortably around my tummy  or not have to wear shapewear all the time.

Pics of the process:

This is my stomach literally sucked up into the machine and it’s in the freezing process!

This is me just relaxing and reading a magazine with the machine freezing my stomach!

More pics to come on month three!

Thanks to Thomas Sena of T’eez Salon for giving me this procedure!  He was going to have it done and was unable so,  I won this amazing procedure! I am so completely grateful to him and the everyone at Devenu! I have to mention that the day that I won this I had brought my son to work with me and had to run to get the treatment within a certain time frame and had no choice but, to bring Aiden with me (he is 5 and it was also his birthday!) The staff at Devenu were so wonderful, they gave him a tablet to watch movies on and let him play with his cars along the floor while I got this done! That kind of service and patience will not be forgotten. It is rare these days to receive such great customer service. They were so wonderful and I am loving that I am seeing results so much I will be returning the end of the summer to get my “love handles” done! I go for my follow up visit at Devenu in July. I am going to post my before and after pics then. I have to admit I am extremely nervous about posting the before but, excited for you to see the afters! I will post again at month two to let you know how the process is going.

Here is a little information about Devenu Medical Rejuvenation Center. They do everything from skincare, laser services, laser hair removal, vein therapy, medical grade weight loss, hair restoration, facials and peels, waxing, spray tanning, permanent makeup, ear candling, herbal wraps, massages and sell my favorite cleansing brush the Clarisonic! If you don’t have a Clarisonic yet you really need to invest in one. It’s so good for your skin and has helped clear mine up so much! Devenu’s staff will  help you determine if Cool Sculpting is right for you and go over the process with you completely and also chat with them about other services you may be interested in.


Devenu’s lovely waiting room. It’s more like a lounge!

Another pic of their beautiful waiting room.

Devenu Medical Rejuvenation Center

9802 Nicholas Street

Suite 305

Omaha, NE 68114


402-397-2300 Call and set up your appointment today! They are booking really fast and you want to be bikini ready!

Make sure to “Like” their Facebook page for updates on specials:


Also follow my friend Tom he posts some funny stuff and some amazing hair styles as well!


Tom also has an amazing line of hair products that I am obsessed with!


If you have any questions about this procedure please feel free to leave a comment!